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 Ekologia po angielsku

Światowy Dzień Ochrony Środowiska jest jednym z najstarszych świąt ekologicznych - został ustanowiony przez Zgromadzenie Ogólne ONZ w 1972 roku i obchodzony jest corocznie 5 czerwca w ponad 100 krajach, także w Polsce.  W naszej szkole co roku na przełomie maja i czerwca na lekcjach językach angielskiego mówimy o problemach ekologicznych, utrwalamy słownictwo z zakresu ekologii, debatujemy, tworzymy plakaty o ochronie środowiska i  realizujemy różne projekty.


Greek wishes

Christmas is a special and unique time for everybody. For us also. This year we are taking part in e-twinning project and during lessons we are writing letters and making postcards to friends from Greece. They also sent us handmaking, beautiful postcards and letters.

Our English lessons

 Week with Hanna

This week, on Monday a special guest-a student from Tajwan came to us. Her name was Hannah. First, she told us about her country and interests. On Tuesday she showed us a presentation about Chinese New Year. We found out that in China, New Year lasts 23 days. Chinese people celebrate this festivity very loud. They organize Dragons dances and fireworks shows. At this time red colour is very popular. Next day we told Hannah about interesting places in Poland where she should go. We also presented her our Polish food and traditional dishes. On Thursday she showed us a presentation about school in Vietnam. We learned a lot of interesting things. We saw, that their system of education is different than ours. Students in Vietnam have one hour to eat lunch and after that they sleep. Even if they are in high school! On the last day of her visit we had a picnic. We were divided into 3 groups. First group had to write postcards to Hannah. The second group made posters about Vietnam. The last group had to make Chinese dictionaries. After that we draw dragons and made lanterns. We also had an interview with her. At the end of our lessons she got a present from us and we said goodbye to Hanna.. Her visit was a really interesting experience. We hope that one day we will meet her again as well as we will have a chance to have lessons with the students from other countries. Thanks to that we can practice our English and learn a lot about other culture.

Natalia Łukaszewicz- class IIa

Preliminaries to District English Dictation

 Amazing visit

 On Wednesday,13th of January 2016 class 1c had a big surprise. When the school bell rang we went to our classroom and saw that some people are waiting for us. This was really amazing because they were not from Poland but from Spain!!!. They were from students exchange and they were visiting our school. Thanks to them we saw an interesting presentation about Spain. We learnt about their culture, history and they also showed us many awesome places which are worth seeing in their beautiful country. After this presentation we were talking to Spanish students (of course it was possible only thanks to our English teacher who helped us to talk to them). At the end we were supposed to do a quiz. Their were asking questions and when somebody knew the answer they gave him or her a candy :). It was a great fun, we really like that kind of classes :) I stayed after the lesson , took some photos with our Spanish friends and at the end I've asked them a question: " Who is the best football player : Messi, Ronaldo or Lewandowski? I hope that in the future I will be able to visit Spain - a home country of hot rhythms and my favourite sport-football.

Jacob Wyrwa-class IC

 From September to December

 Writing can be easy

Pisanie wypracowań wbrew pozorom może być łatwe i przyjemne, o czym przekonaliśmy się na lekcjach języka angielskiego. Pracując w grupach stworzyliśmy niesamowite historie wykorzystując do tego czasy przeszłe. Okazało się, że jesteśmy w stanie stworzyć niesamowite historie, a przy tym świetnie się bawić i uczyć zarazem.

 Projekt reklama

 Chrstmas songs and carols


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